LR Solutions and Technologies (LRST), LLC provides effective turnkey telecommunications solutions for local, long distance and Internet customers by knowing the marketplace and consistently finding the best quality and best value components. We partner with major manufacturers to provide innovative communications solutions with products that consistently outperform industry standards.

Our Commitment to Quality

Things that our customers demand and deserve, are Quality, Dependability, and Durability.  And at LRST, we delivers them with every solution.  Our systems employ leading edge technologies, and we take tremendous pride in the fact that we carry top of the line products known for their superior performance and reliability.  We back our service up by offering a Labor Maintenance Agreement complete with a limited warranty that covers the labor cost for certain problems that may occur under normal operating conditions. Our approach is to combine the hardware and labor cost associated with system outages, and by doing this we remove the “Who do we call and how much will it cost?” concern when a customer has an issue that needs to be resolved.

Customers of all sizes are faced with a virtually endless demand for more voice and bandwidth from their users. With the popularity of end-user applications like streaming movies, video-conferencing, and VoIP services, customers need regional service providers that help them stay in front of the competition.

At LR Solutions and Technologies (LRST), we offer our customers an unbiased recommendation for solutions that not only reduce cost significantly but often times provide higher speed internet connections, and streamline billing. As an independent authorized telecommunications agents, we have access to over 50 carriers including ATT, Windstream, TW Telecom, Earthlink, Cbeyond, Comcast, Charter, and many more. We will assist your company in selecting a carrier that is the best fit for your needs. We specialize in Auditing, Consulting, Implementing and Managing our customers telecommunications services.

Why Use LRST Carrier Services?

With internet bandwidth and data applications playing an increasingly important role in your business, selecting the right carrier network to support those applications is critical. Often times, these large carriers will recommend services that are not a perfect fit because of quotas they have to meet determined by their management. LRST consulting techniques allow us to offer our customers optimal services to meet their business goals. On average, our customers save 30 – 40% while still increasing bandwidth providing faster internet speed.

Services Offered:

  • Internet Service (Metro Ethernet, DS3, Internet T1’s, Cable, DSL)
  • Local Phone Service (T1/PRI)
  • Long Distance
  • SIP Trunking
  • MPLS Networks
  • Conference Calling Solutions
  • Hosted PBX

At LRST, you will have one point of contact for all of your telecommunications needs. We will provide you with multiple options for each solution. Our team allows you to focus on running your business while we manage these services for you. In today’s constantly changing telecommunications industry it helps to have a company working for you and looking out for your best interests. At LRST, we have your best interest in mind.

Please contact us to request a free quote for our Carrier Services.

IP PBX Systems

IPitomy is a PURE IP PBX. It is the business phone system of the next 100 years. IPitomy provides an “all in one” business communication platform designed to be extremely powerful, yet simple, flexible, and easy to use. It will save you money by harnessing IP Telephony and VoIP technology. IPitomy includes a set of features based upon VoIP technology that enhance your user experience. IPitomy allows you to work smarter by communicating smarter.

With all of the business communications features included in IPitomy, there is never any conflict between one component and another. In the past, voice messaging systems, music on hold, call queuing, conference-bridge, and automated attendants may have been separate components developed by different manufacturers. Integration of all of these devices required much time and expertise to accomplish. With IPitomy, everything is designed to work together in one comprehensive package solving the integration issues and making everything much simpler to use.

All Inclusive Applications on the IPitomy Pure IP PBX platform.

  • Smart Personal Console is accessible through any web browser and can be used by any user. Simply login to the correct extension and configure the extensions settings.
  • Individual Extension Forwarding can be set for user on the system and allows for calls to be directly forwarded to any internal location or any external number. This feature can easily be activated and de-activated from your IPitomy phone or your cell phone.
  • Call Recording can allow any user to record calls with the touch of a button.
  • Meet Me Conference Bridge with full administrative features. The Conference Bridge allows conference calls to be hosted by users and includes advanced features like announce on entry, mute/unmute users, remove users and more. Two available conference rooms, each supporting up to 16 users. Passwords and entry features are fully customizable through the web interface.
  • Branch Office allows you to connect multiple sites together and use them as though it was one system.
  • Call Reporting allows full list of all call activity on the system.
  • System Monitoring allows an administrator to monitor all extensions, SIP Providers and Branch Office Connections.
  • Diagnostics can be turned on/off and viewed by an administrator through the web interface.
  • Outlook Integration With the click of a mouse button a user can call any number stored in their Outlook Contacts.
  • Desktop Call Manager (Optional) Provides presence management, text messaging, monitors the extension status of other users in the system and provides call control on the desktop for fast call handling and advanced functionality such as call recording and coaching.

IPitomy Cloud PBX Services

IPitomy Cloud PBX Services is not your average hosted PBX provider. Our Dedicated Virtual PBX is a fully featured Cloud based communications solution identical to our robust premise based solution that has been developed and improved over the last ten years. With most hosted solutions you usually have to give up many of your favorite features. With IPitomy’s Cloud PBX you’ll feel like nothing ever changed! In fact, you’ll get all of the latest features and applications as they become available for free so you are forever protected against your PBX technology ever becoming obsolete.

Key Cloud PBX Advantages

    • Cost savings of 50% and more
    • Direct Inward Dial – DID’s
    • Month to month customer agreements
    • Phone leasing programs
    • Same feature rich PBX
    • Superb voice quality
    • Q Manager
    • Fax Services
    • Toll free Numbers with Competitive Rates
    • 911 Service
    • 24 X 7 support

Avaya IP Office

Communicate like never before with the Avaya Office IP. Respond immediately. Share information, anytime, anywhere, via any device. You’ll have the power of a unified communications system that connects everyone—your people, your customers, your partners. A system that’s incredibly sophisticated, yet remarkably simple to use. Go ahead and grow—IP Office is fully capable of handling up to 1,000 users in a single site or across multiple sites.

With IP Office, you’ve invested in a solution that cost-effectively grows with you. Keep your original investment and simply build on it—for capacity or new capabilities. From basic telephony to sophisticated mobility and call center applications. From 5 users to 1,000. From a single site to 32 networked locations. Wherever you take your business, IP Office will go there with you.


Every Nortel Norstar solution begins with an Integrated Communication System. This fully digital platform brings all your communication—voicemail, fax, email and telephone—right to your desk. The communication needs and size of your business will determine the best system for your company. Learn more about the Nortel Networks Norstar Integrated Communications Systems Portfolio.

These products have been discontinued but still provide a stable and dependable platform. They are available new and used.

Every Nortel Norstar solution begins with an Integrated Communication System. This fully digital platform brings all your communication—voicemail, fax, email and telephone—right to your desk. The communication needs and size of your business will determine the best system for your company. Learn more about the Nortel Networks Norstar Integrated Communications Systems Portfolio.

LRST provide innovative, standards-based, cost-effective cabling solutions with efficiency and future-proofing steps built in. We offer quality services, experienced professionals and industry-leading components backed by manufacturer warranties for true turnkey solutions. As a result, your cable infrastructures are built with a robust open architecture cable system that provides the highest performance and highest availability at the physical infrastructure layer capable of supporting low latency, high throughput and error free operation for Data communications system, Voice communications system, Audio-Video communications system, Distributed communications system and Monitoring communications system.
All our installs adhere to telecommunication standards and electrical codes, local fire codes, American Disabilities Act and Occupation Safety Health Administration requirements.

We are certified by the State of Georgia as a Low Voltage organization and comply BICSI and EIA/TIA and OSHA standards. Our structured cabling system and support Network Solutions Product and System Performance Warranties for CAT5E, CAT6 and CAT6A Systems.

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