About Us

LR Solutions and Technologies (LRST), LLC is a certified Microsoft partner providing consulting and delivery services for the small to mid-sized business (SMB) sector. Organizations planning to implement secured cloud services will find LRST as their dependable IT partner. LRST is an experienced Microsoft Online Services partner for Office 365 (SharePoint Online, Exchange Online and Lync). The firm is focused on delivering advanced cloud technology services and solutions to middle market companies. By using secured cloud services for their software and storage needs, our clients access enterprise level services economically.

LRST provides clients the ability to focus on their core business while we address their specific IT needs and efficiencies. LRST facilitates significant cost savings by reducing the amount of IT resources that are necessary. Instead of incurring the expense of procuring and maintaining costly servers and network equipment, LRST designs customized, practical results using best in class Microsoft products. We also work with Azure, Intune, Dynamics CRM and other related online services options based on our client’s needs.

Additionally, LRST is a voice and network solutions/service provider with a strong emphasis on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Our expertise in both TDM and VoIP telecommunications provides us a foundation to build reliable outcomes that can exceed our client’s needs.

LR Solutions and Technologies was founded in 2008 initially as a “Software as a Service” or SaaS provider. Lamar Frazier, our Founder and CEO, has over 28 years of progressive experience as an executive and entrepreneur in the IT and telecommunication industries. Leveraging Mr. Frazier’s experiences, the company provides a variety of IT and telecom services and solutions. He has serviced a wide range of clients and industries across the country.

Our Beliefs

Our promise is to get the job done right – the first time. We’ve built a solid reputation of delivering on outstanding IT and telecom services. This is a testimony to the beliefs that serve as the foundation for our business:

  • We care about your business’s success as much as you care about it.
  • We focus on solving your specific business needs without distracting you with unnecessary features and functions.
  • We believe that technology should work for you instead of against you.
  • We believe in listening to all of your IT support needs before making suggestions, so that we can provide the best IT solution and get it right the first time.