We are your one-stop shop for a variety for networking infrastructure solutions to your business. While most of our solutions are cloud based, there are always on-site components that also must be addressed. We design, procure and implement these solutions for you or along with your internal IT team.

When selecting an IT Service Provider for your organization or project, LRST believes you need a firm that can look and listen with the insight and attention to your IT needs, business needs and your job requirements.

Our keen eye will get the picture of your IT infrastructure, your Business imperatives and the particulars required to start with focus and purpose. At the onset of our work for you, or as a task unto itself, LRST conducts an in-depth assessment of your current environment to properly chart the IT landscape and make IT enhancements a safe and successful journey.

Modern IT is a composite of network, server, application, process and provider elements operating in unison to deliver tools and workflow that keep your business running at peak efficiency. When those efficiencies are in need of upgrade or repair, LRST engineering performs an assessment of the following to construct an accurate picture as the starting point for any modifications:

  • Network infrastructure implementations and upgrades (Switches, Firewalls, Appliances, Routers, etc.)
  • Email system upgrades and migrations
  • Virtualized Infrastructure (hosts, storage, networking and controls)
  • Server implementations and upgrades
  • Wireless Solutions
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Business Continuity
  • Desktop PC and Virtual Desktop
  • Infrastructure Security
  • IT Assessments and Recommendations
  • Internet Service Provider Solutions
  • Cloud Resources
  • Vision, Plans and Objective

Our highly skilled specialists and subject matter experts (SMEs) perform these reviews and construct a written report of your IT world. This assessment may be used for your own purposes, not involving additional work by our team, or may be the first step in a subsequent project.

Give us a try. Let us show you what we can learn about what you do. What we know can really help.

Computer technology constantly changes. The latest computer equipment runs much better and faster than it did even five years ago. The best part is that the cost hasn’t changed. You can purchase better/faster equipment today for nearly the same price you paid for older, slower equipment.

Businesses generally need an IT infrastructure refresh every several years for equipment to continue to run smoothly. LRST will recommend and implement the most cost-efficient IT infrastructure to meet your business needs. By giving your IT Infrastructure a refresh, applications will run faster through increased processing speed, you will have the ability to use more databases simultaneously, etc. Private Cloud options are also available that enable companies to move their servers to the cloud at a fraction of the cost of purchasing and housing their own servers. Technology such as Office 365 may also be part of an IT Infrastructure refresh.

As businesses grow, the IT Infrastructure must be able to accommodate the growth. LRST works with businesses to develop IT Infrastructure plans that allow for growth whether the growth is expected in 1, 5, or 10 years.

Many times, companies don’t plan for growth or the impact growth will have on their business from an IT perspective. An IT Infrastructure that runs smoothly today may not run quite as well as employees or new business applications are added.

And, as businesses grow, office space sometimes shrink. In these situations, virtualization of equipment through a private cloud may help free up physical office space while adding bandwidth to your IT infrastructure.

Look no further than LRST for Emergency IT Support – we’ve got you covered! From Virus/Spyware services to Data Recovery and System Failure, we’ll get your business back up and running. We know your business is important, and your business is our business. And, we offer onsite computer repair so you never have to leave your office.

LRST offers onsite computer repair as an IT support service including broken computers, printers, fax machines, and networks. Most companies rely on computers to help conduct business. We provide onsite computer repair services so you never leave your businesses. Our onsite computer repair team will take care of you so you can take care of your business. IT Support is what we do best.